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high elms poultry farm - egg laying hens for sale
Tel: 07788 585 098 Hens For Sale: Rectory Lane, Southoe, Saint Neots, PE19 5YA
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Free Range Hens For Sale
We have been selling free range hens on our poultry farm for many years. Our farm is perfectly set up to house a wide range of egg laying hen breeds. We sell a wide range of hens which are all fully vaccinated and are always kept in pristine condition and very well looked after indeed. Read more about the hens which we have in stock and information about how to look after them and what you need to bring in order to buy hens from us.

Call 07788 585 098
High Elms was built in 1956 by the Lofthouse family as a poultry farm.

It was purchased and renovated by me in 2010 to its former glory.
The farm is set in 2 acres of beautiful countryside with many types of free-range animals. Coming from a farming family, it was inevitable that my dream in life was to own a small holding of my own, now I have succeeded in this and following my retirement and with my partner Debbie and also the dedicated work from my assistant manager Andy, we can concentrate our time in rearing top-quality poultry for the general public.

Call Brian today on 07788 585 098.

Black Maran Hens

They lay a very dark brown egg, average egg production...

Cheshire Hens

They lay a lovely blue egg, with egg production...

Bluebell Hens

Pretty Bluebells as the name says - lovely hen little docile ideal for...

Sussex Hens

Alert, but docile, these birds are incredibly tame...

Speckled/Coucou Hens

Modern hybrid from the Rhode Island Red family, good for Free...

High Elms Black/Black Rock Hens

Although a docile hen is it is very hardy and well proofed against...

White Leghorn Hens

One of the best egg layers, with a lovely white egg and producing in excess...

High Elms Brown Hens

This is the best egg layer around, laying up to...

High Elms Barred Rock Hens

A very good layer of eggs with an egg production of...

Redco Hens

A good natured hen, very easy going and very friendly, an attractive...

Road Rock

A very calm hen, very hardy but rewarding you with lots of...
We Sell Hens Throughout Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding regions.
We have been selling egg laying hens for many years providing a great temporary home for our Hens allowing us to meet our stringent quality standards for every single hen.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our free range hens which we sell at our farm in Cambridgeshire and offer superb hen prices and a great service.
Eggcellent Sevice
Service to us is so important. We pride ourselves on the friendly professional service we give all our customers, from initially meeting you to showing you around our farm to helping you select the perfect hen for the purpose you want it for. Our customers come back time and time again illustrating our superb service.
Healthy, Free Range Hens
All our Hens are very well cared for and are fully vaccinated and wormed on a regular basis to ensure when they leave us for their new home, they are in the best condition possible, so they lay excellent eggs for many years for you. We offer advice on how to care for your hen too.
All Our Hens Are Free Range
Free range hens are defined as free-range when they come from a producer who can demonstrate that their chickens have access to the outside. Chickens like ours have access to the outside all of their lives. They can go outside and roam around, get fresh air, sunshine and have contact with other chickens. Our chickens do not just get access to the outside every now and then they are able to roam and pasture in their own time. We think our chickens lay more and better-quality eggs because of the freedom they have on our poultry farm.
What you need to bring with you?
Buying a hen from us is simple as 123, our experienced team will be able to help you with choice and what you will need for aftercare.

3 Steps to a happy hen :-)
number one
Bring Your Own Box
Bring your own box is preferred however we can supply boxes on request. 2 Hens would fit in a standard sized cat box so depending on how many hens you buy you will need suitable containers to carry your Hens.
number two
Cash Only
We only accept cash.
number three
Fully Vaccinated
All our Hens are fully vaccinated and wormed and are ready to go.
Our Hen Gallery
A selection of our Hens, where they live and some of the different breeds we have had over the years.
high elms poultry farm - egg laying hens for sale
We Sell Point of Lay, Egg Laying Hens Throughout Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.
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